Lucky Me!

Apparently YouTube thinks I will be proud of this little 2013 tidbit they emailed me!

Lucky Fox




I wish I could remove every part of this video/song from my brain! It seriously is the worst and I am only deeply saddened that I was within the top 1% to view it before everyone else got the chance….

This just further solidifies the fact that 2013 wasn’t the best year and I cannot wait for better things to come in 2014… God willing…..

How was your 2013??



Video of the Week

I am going to try and start a Video of the Week posting. If it gets to be too much I might change it to video of the month. Of course, I could just call it Video of the Week and not post one EVERY week, since it is my blog and I make the rules. haha. We will see how it goes…. 🙂

This video had me and Chad laughing so much! It is very satirical and melodramatic. (aka – I loved every second of it.)


Turning 70.

I put together this compilation for my Granny to celebrate her 70th birthday!

YouTube has told me this video violates their copyright laws. I exercised my rights as an American citizen to dispute this claim under the Fair Use policies that amend the copyright laws, but it will probably will only protect this video for a short period of time. YouTube will most likely deny my dispute, which will cause this video to disappear in one month.

Since I am being such a rebel, line-pusher in order to bring my Granny some semblance of happiness on her birthday, you should watch this video and comment. 🙂


One a side note, while I was making this video for my Granny, my husband Chad was making THIS VIDEO and it is sooooooooooooooo weird and funny! 😉