Adult Friendships: Better than Waffles?

Many of us spend a significant amount of our younger adult lives overcoming our childhood for a variety of reasons, while a smaller percentage must continue to strive to feel well-rounded, put together, and somewhat whole well past our 30’s. It’s sometimes difficult for those in that smaller percentage to even feel like you’re really an adult despite the number of candles on your cake when you have those moments, those days, or even sometimes those weeks where you feel small, insecure, and insignificant. Honestly, I often wonder if any adults ever really feel whole or grown up. There are some that certainly seem like it and I admire them immensely….but does everyone get these moments where they just can’t seem to figure out their role or their place in a world of people that seem to be thriving?

I have my moments certainly where I do some amazing rockstar things and feel unstoppable. Those times where I just can’t help but smiling when I think back on them because for those moments I used my God-given strengths to shine and it felt amazing. I hate that those moments feel unbalanced on the scale against the weight of doubt. Am I making the right choices in this season of my life? Am I where I am supposed to be or did I take a wrong turn somewhere? What more could I be doing that I am not doing? Do the people who seem to care about me really, genuinely care or do they just need something from me?

That last one especially plagues me.

It’s hard to be the one who chooses to be open when it’s so ridiculously hard to remain open. Safety is in closing off. Remaining guarded. Keeping a safe distance. Weighing risks. Approaching slowly. To choose to open yourself up to someone is to willing subject yourself to the highly likely risk of hurt or rejection.

I had a thought this week that sometimes my struggle seems to result from feeling like I oscillate between being a Leslie Knope and an April Ludgate (Park and Rec show for those of you who don’t know. Stop reading this and go watch it! It’s incredible).

Aside from our shared love for breakfast foods, Leslie Knope is the epitome of confidence in action, being an inspiration, and being an amazing friend.


The thing is….Leslie is the friend everyone wants, but also the friend no one knows how to be or how to let in. She is unashamedly passionate about her friends and doesn’t hold back how she feels.


I 100% agree with her philosophy on friendship and yet she is the mirage of friendship – completely fictional! Friendships don’t really work this way do they? (especially in our 30’s and beyond, amiright?) For me, being that open comes at a very high price. I have taken this gamble before and lost big time, which makes it exponentially harder the next time to get up the nerve to take that risk again.

Which is what brings out my inner April Ludgate.

April despises small talk, all things unauthentic, and prefers animals over people.


She shys away – like we all so often do – from genuine intimacy. It makes her feel uncomfortable so she closes herself off. The thing we – and I – want (genuine connection) makes us uncomfortable because I think we either question if it’s truly genuine or because we’re weighing the amount of effort and risk it may require to form the connection.


I will be honest… The combination of past wounds and a few gasoline-drenched, burned bridges have left me wondering if the effort and risk it takes to form long-lasting genuine connections with people is even worth it. It doesn’t help at all when you remove forced social situations like high school, college, and other venues where friendships are easily forged. The older we get the harder making genuine connections with people becomes; it honestly becomes awkward and makes me feel awkward. Isn’t there a happy middle place out there between the unattainable friendship bar Leslie Knope sets and the people-hating, closed off persona of April Ludgate? Or am I the only one that can’t seem to find that middle ground?

Whatever the answer, I am thankful for the genuine connections I have been lucky to find and the depth of friendships that have come out of those connections. When forming new connections, I will continue to feel awkward and insecure as I approach the risk the openness required for those connections necessitates…. But I can handle a little insecurity, a whole lot of awkwardness, and even some hurt if it means that there’s a chance that those connections can begin to form with the people who are worth it….


“Courage, Dear Heart…”

When Chad asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I don’t think he thought I was serious when I said I wanted a new tattoo. 🙂

I got my last tattoo nearly 10 years ago in March of 2005, but I have been thinking about getting a 2nd one for the past 2 years or so.

I don’t tend to get things permanently affixed to my body unless they’re thoroughly thought out and have significant meaning to me. I spent a while trying to think of a great way to not only reflect on the growth I have experienced over the past 3 years, but to also reflect the positive change in my heart as I look ahead to the future.

I stumbled upon this quote on Pintrest by one of my favorite authors: C.S. Lewis and realized how perfect it was.
(I also used it in a blog post not too long ago!)


This quote is from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which is my favorite book in the Chronicles of Narnia series.

The context is this:

Lucy and the others are on a ship heading into dark, unknown waters. Everyone is scared and worried that Aslan had led them in the wrong direction. (Oh, wow! How many times I have had this very thought!)

At one point in the midst of some turmoil, Lucy whispers, “Aslan, Aslan, if ever you loved us at all, send us help now.”

After she whispers this, C.S. Lewis so perfectly writes:

“The darkness did not grow any less, but she began to feel a little—a very, very little—better.
‘After all, nothing has really happened to us yet,’ she thought.” 

Then Lucy hears a whisper in reply: “Courage, dear heart” and she knew it was Aslan whispering to her.

I just love this part of the book so much because so often in my life, and probably in yours too, life seems dark and full of turmoil. How many times have we questioned where God was in the midst of our confusion, our fear, and our pain?

Those that don’t know the voice of God shake their fists to the heavens and cry out – demanding a reply and a rescue! What I have come to learn slowly, but surely over the past several years is that God is so very near to the broken-hearted. He is a breath away and has not abandoned us. Sometimes the darkness remains around us, but his gentle whisper calms our fears and comes to us in our pain.

The call to have courage is a steep one.

Courage is not easily grasped.
Courage means that when your circumstances don’t change at all that you still trust, you still hope, and you still believe.
Courage waits for that quiet voice to whisper and calm our hearts when our world spins out of control.
Courage knows that a brighter day is coming and that our response should just be to take our Father’s hand as he leads us through and eventually out of the darkness.

After Lucy hears Aslan whisper to her to have courage, Lewis goes on to write:

“In a few moments the darkness turned into a greyness ahead, and then, almost before they dared to begin hoping, they had shot out into the sunlight and were in the warm, blue world again. And all at once everybody realized that there was nothing to be afraid of and never had been. They blinked their eyes and looked about them. The brightness of the ship herself astonished them: they had half expected to find that the darkness would cling to the white and the green and the gold in the form of some grime or scum. And then first one, and then another, began laughing.”

This is exactly the hope that I cling to…That after all this darkness has passed me, that I will find myself in a place more beautiful and more bright than I could have ever dreamed possible. I am not there yet, but I know that day is getting closer…

It takes courage for me to keep hoping.
It takes courage for me to keep dreaming and believing.
It takes courage for me to undergo a procedure or stick myself in a needle for medicine to help me ovulate.
It takes courage to try again and again.
It takes courage for me to fight the bitterness that so often threatens to rear it’s ugly head.
It takes courage for me to tune out the voices of those who speak against the hope my heart clings to.
It takes courage for me to trust that He knows why I am here and He knows where I am going even when I cannot see.

My first tattoo was meant to be a reminder to me that love is difficult, selfless, and requires sacrifice. It was a reminder not only of Christ’s loving sacrifice for me, but the loving sacrifice he calls me to show others.

In the past few years, with all that I have gone through and all that still lies before me, I want the reminder of this difficult season, the reminder of the strength I’ve found in Him, and the reminder of the hope He gives me to be permanent:



Click here to read the full excerpt from Chap. 12 of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis

Love is Patient

Several weeks ago, I made a mistake. I got impatient with the way my life was. I got impatient with someone. I wanted more than I was being given and I was exhausted from being in a season of want and wait for years. I word vomited and immediately regretted it. These things happen. However, like all things of this nature, once it was “out there” I could not pull it back. It has been weighing on me ever since.

Have you ever made a mistake and said or written things that you wished you could take back? Have you ever let the ugliest parts of you be seen and it was not received very well and everything seemed irreversibly different since then? Have you ever wished for more, longed for more, dreamed of more, and felt the ache of that longing? Have you ever felt misunderstood or have you ever misunderstood someone else?

Have you ever not loved someone as well as you should?

I have been thinking so much about love lately.

I have a family that can’t seem to love each other longer than a few days.
It feels hopeless.

I have friends who I love with my entire being and who love me back right where I am for exactly who I am.
It is beautiful and precious.

I have a husband who I try to love so very well, but because we live together I
often make mistakes or say things I wish I could take back.
Thankfully, he makes mistakes too and we both try to be intentional about
forgiving each other every single time, no matter what.

I have friends with completely different love languages than me.
It is a struggle to remember that others give and receive love differently than I do
and I fail often to allow them to love me in their own way.

I have people I could love so much better than I do.
Jesus, help me love like you do.

You see….my struggle sometimes is that love is so entirely sacrificial and can, therefore, become so entirely unbalanced by either party. Yet the sacrifice requires a gracious heart that endures the imbalance and loves others anyway.


A lot of people make a big deal about “boundaries” and “setting expectations” so that they don’t get taken advantage of. I agree with this in part and then disagree with this as well. If someone is being abusive to you, then absolutely you should set up boundaries and distance yourself from them. You are precious and under no circumstances do you deserve to be verbally, emotionally, mentally, sexually, or physically abused.

However, I disagree with setting boundaries just when you don’t get what you feel is owed to you – what you feel you deserve. Grace, love, and mercy are given to you freely without you having to do anything to earn them. You don’t deserve them. You’re not owed them. They’re just yours when you agree to receive them. Christ laid down his life for the people who mocked and scourged him. They rejected him and he gave. Grace is relentless and unwavering.

I LOVE this C.S. Lewis quote that so encapsulates the sacrificially loving and patient heart of God towards us:


Do you know what 1st Corinthians lists as the 1st attribute of love?? Patience.

Love is patient.

Love waits for people.
Love waits for the reward, even if it will only come after this life has faded away.
Love is gracious and understanding when people don’t love you well.
Love is being patient with yourself when you fail to love people patiently.
Love is beginning each day with a heart that CHOOSES to remain open, humble, loving, and hopeful.
Love doesn’t give up on people just because they’re not meeting your expectations.
Love isn’t demanding.

So today, I will choose to be patient with others and with myself.
I will pray to become more patient. More gracious. More understanding of others. More willing to wait.

I will wait in hopeful expectation for deeper intimate friendships, for family peace, for the child I long to hold in my arms, for the day when I will see my Granny once again, and for the coming of the One who can settle all the turmoil and chaos of longing in my heart with just one glance of His eye. I will choose to love despite my shortcomings and despite the shortcomings of others. I will not lose heart even though that would be so very easy to do. I will not waver in my faith even though the circumstances around me mock me with their unmet expectations.

I will try my best, despite my failings, to love patiently through His strength as He enables me to give this gracious, patient love to others even when I feel depleted and empty. I will give all of me and He alone will fill me.


On Risking Intimacy

Intimacy has been on my mind more than normal the past several months.
Not intimacy in a romantic way, but intimacy in friendships.


Intimacy is something rare, precious, and beautiful. Obviously it can take time to forge, but it also takes something else that people so often distance themselves from: vulnerability.
Yet, as so many of us know and C.S. Lewis so eloquently said, “To love is to be vulnerable.”

It means that at a deeper level, I want to share with you who I really am.

I want to share:
My flaws,
My hang ups,
What makes me deliriously happy,
My dreams for the future,
My discontentment with things in my life that I wish were better,
What God is teaching me,
What God is really trying to teach me, if I am truly honest,
Where I’d like to be in 5 or 10 years,
What things hurt me the most,
and more…

There is so much to be said that goes past the noise and the cacaphonic clatter of small talk and perpetually shallow topics.


But do you want to know the hardest part about intimacy? The part that is even harder than raw vulnerability…?

Intimacy at its core – every single time – must be consensual.


I cannot be singularly vulnerable and raw with you and suddenly we now have intimacy.
You cannot pour your heart and soul out to me, while I am holding back and expect to feel the deep connection of an intimate friend.
Unfortunately, this is what makes intimate relationships so rare.
It is also what makes it precious and beautiful.
How cheap would intimacy be if we handed it out freely to everyone?

I have had maybe a handful of people in my life with whom I have shared a deep, intimate connection in friendship.
Those friendships have been and, in some cases still are, some of the most precious treasures of my life.
To connect on a real level means to be known, to be understood, and to be loved exactly where you are and for who you are.

Lately, I have found myself wanting more with my friendships in KC.
I need those deep, intimate connections.
Because of being new the area 4 years ago, it took some time to get to know people first.
Now I know and have quite a few friends and I am still finding it difficult to usher in the intimacy that I crave.
I crave it because I have experienced it before and anything less just seems lacking.

I need friends that I don’t just get together with when we have cook outs or birthday parties or game nights, but friends who I can text at a moment’s notice and bare my heart. Friends who can ask me how I am and I can respond, “Well, actually lately I feel like shit and I think I am battling some kind of temporary clinical depression.” Friends that I can ask, “What is going on?” or “How are you?” and they will tell me the things that affected them deeply over the past week, month, or year. Friends who are honest and friends who listen honestly.

Being vulnerable is so difficult because it literally leaves you open and raw to deep hurt. You have to choose wisely who you let in, but once you find someone you love and trust – don’t hold back!
They may be able to have access to the deepest parts of your heart, leaving you open to potential hurt, but by having access to those deep places of your heart you also invite the opportunity for deep love and deep connection. It is unimaginably worth it.


Many of my friendships are beginning to scratch the surface towards this type of intimacy and I love it, but some are holding back in certain ways.
I can tell.

  • The first group of friends that are holding back don’t want to share. They’re great listeners and I know, in that moment, they are there for me, but they don’t want to expose their true hearts or thoughts in return.
  • The second group of friends share with me freely and vulnerably, but find it difficult to listen to me when I have something I need to share.
  • And sadly, the third group of friends show a desire for a close, connected friendship and then suddenly disappear altogether – lost in the flow of life and busyness and responsibilities.

To the first group I say this: When you’re ready, I am here. I am willing and ready to hear your heart and accept you for exactly who you are. You can trust me with your innermost thoughts and feelings. I am a great listener, 100% non-judgmental, and loyal to a fault. Take all the time you need.

To the second group I say this: I need you to listen because I may not have many people I trust to share my life with. I need it more than you might know. I am sorry if some of my struggles seem repetitive, since some of them I have been struggling with for a long time. Please give me a chance to share anyway. I love you honestly sharing your life with me; let me share mine in return.

To the third group I say this: You’re so incredibly busy and you may not realize the extraordinary benefit of an intimate friendship. It can bring so much joy, peace, reassurance, and even clarity to the pandemonium of your life. You don’t have to have this deep connection with me, but please find someone in your life to share a deeper connection with. You will be amazed at how taking the time for some deep, connected friendships can bring harmony to so many areas of your life.


To you reading this blog post.
Share your life with someone!
Find someone to trust and really trust them.
Be real and honest and vulnerable because without those things, what is the point?
Find someone you can cry in front of without embarrassment.
Find someone who stops everything they’re doing to listen to you.
Find someone you care for and listen to their heart with nothing but a smile, a hug, reassuring words, and love to give back to them.

Love people.
Be vulnerable.
Find treasure in intimacy.


God Only Knows

So we’re in Wisconsin this weekend because my Granny was given 1-3 months to live by the hospice care doctor due to her stage 4 stomach cancer spreading to other parts of her body. She hasn’t been able to eat hardly anything for several weeks, is very weak, and has lost a ton of weight. And even though my God is our Healer and can still heal her if He chooses to do so, it seems likely that He is calling her home to be with Him in all the Life and sweet relief from her pain and suffering that being with Him brings.

So I ask for prayers.

First for my Granny that she would find some relief from the nausea that plagues her and be able to keep something down so she can get enough energy to talk to us, hug us, or even just open her eyes….

Secondly for my family who is beginning the stages of grief and manifesting that grief in so many different ways and depths. Prayers that they would be a comfort and a strength to each other and that hurts and grudges from the past would be laid to rest in honor of my Granny who wished for so long that everyone would live at peace with each other and love one another unconditionally.

And lastly…..  Prayers for my own hurting heart because it is truly breaking. This is the first real time that someone edging closer to dying has truly saddened me to the core. My sweet little wonderful Granny was the best Granny a girl could have ever wanted. She sewed me clothes when I was little. She gave the very best hugs. She made us waffles for breakfast anytime we wanted them. She taught us about faith and hope and the grace of God. She taught me the value of scripture and the value of prayer. She was always a shoulder to cry on and an always avail listening ear. She was always one of my absolute favorite family members and someone I could always count on.

God only knows what I’d be without her….




The Hands By Which We Take Hold of Heaven

Not having any kids of my own yet has made me a very dedicated Aunt/adopted “Auntie Tasha” to my nieces, nephews, and friend’s kids. Some of my friend’s kids even call me “Aunt Tasha” and call Chad “Uncle Chad” – it is the best feeling to hear our names verbalized for the first time from a 2-3 year old’s mouth. 🙂

What is even more special than all of that is becoming the designated guardians in a friend’s will and testament that states that their kids would be our responsibility if something unforeseen and fatal should happen to them. Obviously we desire above all that nothing should come to that, but these are the things responsible people like the Hendersons prepare for. This is not only a tremendous and serious responsibility for us to commit to, but also a huge honor and privilege. After a brief discussion and some prayer, we accepted the offer and have since felt even more dedicated to love on Bentley and Molly as their “Uncle Chad and Auntie Tasha.”

This is our little buddy/adopted nephew Bentley. He is excited when we come to visit and cries when we leave to go home. He gives us numerous wet little “kisses” and loves to tell us all about his day “gig go gig gag goo goog”

He brings me so much joy! 🙂



Miss Molly Adeline was recently born on Oct. 10th and has graced the world with her sweet spirit and chubby little face! 🙂

We love her already!




Photos compliments of Ashley Johnson (soon-to-be Ashley Reese).

“Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.” – Henry Beecher

It’s Gonna Be Worth It

Less than 2 weeks ago I watched my brother commit himself to love his new beautiful bride, Anne, as long as they both should live. Both of them are in their late twenties and had been waiting so very, very long for the right person to come along.


This picture just makes me want to cry all over again (I cried all the way through the ceremony as soon as my brother began crying). It is such a picture of the overwhelming joy and wonder of  God’s faithfulness:


This next picture I am sharing just to emphasize how incredible their photographer was at capturing the beautiful and intense moments throughout the whole day. Here the bride is crying because her parents (who are in Europe and were denied visa into the country in order to attend the wedding) are praying over her and Matt via Skype:


It was a breathtakingly beautiful ceremony and a really fun reception!

It is amazing to me every time I see such an obviously ordained story play out right before my eyes. They were made for each other. They are God’s very best for each other. I know they would agree that waiting was more than worth it.

It made me remember those times of waiting. I was about to turn 24 when I had all but given up on ever finding someone. Most of my friends were either married or at least in committed, serious relationships. I felt like I was being left out – on the fringes of happiness just waiting for life to begin.

I often felt like this:

I had no idea that I would meet my future husband that year in the most unexpected of ways. I just felt lost and lonely and forgotten about by a God who said He knew the plans and purposes for my life, but I couldn’t see them. It wasn’t until I resigned myself to be content with being single the rest of my life if that is what God had in store for me that Chad finally came along. A simple act of choosing to trust that God is good and that He had His hand on my life – even in the midst of hurting. Chad was worth every restless, lonely night I spent wishing it could be my turn to experience being in love. He was worth the wait.

Fast forward six years and I have once again come back to this same lesson of trusting God with His timing when I can’t see my future. Why do we so easily forget the faithfulness of God?

If God was with me then (even when I didn’t know it) isn’t He with me still? He orchestrates my life, not me. He isn’t moved by my worry or my fears, but by His perfect timing. So why am I sitting here wondering why all my friends are pregnant or have 2-4 babies at home, while I remain childless waiting for my life to start? Why am I so quick to focus on my lack and fail to remember all the times God brought me exactly what I needed at the exact point in time I needed it – not earlier and not a minute too late.

I think pain makes us desperate and irrational. Like a toddler who can’t fully yet understand the scope of reality and how the world is working around him, we grow fearful and anxious and we grasp for assurance. It is immensely hard to be single and alone and wondering if you will ever find your true love. It is equally hard (although for me probably even harder) to wonder if I will ever be a mother and to feel that precious hope slipping away. Instead of remembering the reality of God’s faithfulness and trusting that He is God and that that is assurance enough, don’t we all have a tendency to grow restless and fearful?

But here’s the best part:

In these moments, God isn’t impatient with us. God isn’t that parent that is like, “Well if you’re going to be like that, you’re not getting anything!!

God understands our frailty; He knows he are human.

God instead is the gentle parent who kneels down, looks directly in our eyes, brushes our hair away from our tear-streaked faces, and whispers reassuringly, “I know you don’t understand right now and you won’t be able to, but I promise that I know what is the very best for you. You can trust me because I love you so much more than you can even comprehend.”

And just like that, when we allow ourselves those quiet moments with Him, we can feel our souls take a deep breath. We can feel the weight of fear lift and our eyes fix themselves on that which we cannot see – because what is seen is temporary and what is unseen is eternal. We begin to feel hope restored and we rest in the peace that He is God, He is orchestrating everything, and we will see His faithfulness once again if we just trust and wait…

The Human Condition and Les Miserables

I went with a friend last night to see Les Miserables the movie.

It was riveting!

The entire movie was very theatrical from the constant singing to the way the sets were arranged, but what made this movie stand out from a regular play were the camera angles and close up shots focusing right on the character’s faces as the height of their emotions were portrayed. It was breathtaking. Seeing the literal pain etched into Fantine’s face as she sings about her agony and then trying to remind myself over and over that that wasn’t really the embodiment of the character Fantine, but an actress (Anne Hathaway) playing her character. It was hard to convince myself at times. She was so believable. So 100% immersed in the character. If she doesn’t win an award it will be an outrage. It wasn’t just Anne Hathaway/Fantine either…. the actors who played Marius, Javert, and Jean Valjean were equally mesmerizing. I seriously felt emotional as the beautifully penned words of Victor Hugo came to life in those 3 hours.

This isn’t meant, however, to be a movie review.

This book, the play, the movie – it all speaks to a place deep inside each of us. It calls us with a whisper and a cry and reminds us of something we all share and yet try so desperately to hide: our raw emotion. The human condition.

We all feel things – some more deeply than others, but the feelings are there nonetheless. They’re real and vivid and sometimes so thick and heavy that they become tangible. Not all of us have lived through the agony Fantine experienced – some of us have. Not all of us have lost family/friends to death like Marius – some of us have. Not all of us have known the outright injustice of life and its cruelties like Jean Valjean – some of us have.

So why do we try so hard to pretend like we are so strong, so impenetrable, and so emotionless?
Why do we express a fraction of the love or affection we feel for someone, and then make a joke or laugh nervously afterward? Why do we pretend like words or the absence of communication doesn’t hurt us deeply? Why do we act like other people’s responses to us don’t matter even slightly?

Maybe I am just overly idealistic, but how would our relationships be if we allowed ourselves the freedom to express our hearts, and allow others the grace afforded to express their hearts? Even if that emotion is raw, or strong, or scary… it is still being felt and, therefore, is still valid and worth acknowledging.

I will be the first to confess… I have cared about people deeply and been afraid to express the depth of my care for fear of “scaring someone off” or expressing my care prematurely. I have been blown off, ignored, taken for granted, etc and I have been afraid to tell someone when they’ve hurt me, for fear that I will be seen as a high maintenance friend and then discarded. I have been perpetually trapped between how I feel and the fear of those feelings not being understood or received well.

Our society/culture prolongs this dance we play with each other, but wouldn’t it be refreshing if we could just talk openly about how we feel about each other? If we could simply have a conversation about a hurt, have our feelings acknowledged, and then move on better and closer to those people instead of distanced by our wounds? If we could just look at someone we care about and say “I love you” or some other sentiment and not be worried about any negative repercussions to such positive and life-giving words?

One of the last lines to one of the last songs in Les Mis says, “To love another person is to see the face of God.”
God is love itself.
God is not holding back His love. He is not holding back Himself.
When we allow ourselves to open up our hearts despite our fears and trepidation to really and truly love someone and express that love to them, we will find God in those beautiful moments. God in the flesh in this world is us choosing to love each other deeply and unreservedly and it is just about the only way to make this fallen world a little more beautiful…






Congratulations, Obama.

The election this year was a dramatic one. Tensions heightened the closer we got to Nov. 6th and understandably so.

Yet, the thing that makes me more upset than anything else is Christians name calling, allowing strife between themselves and others, and the incessant and completely ridiculous proclamations that we have now entered into some kind of Armageddon. That Obama getting reelected is a sure sign that Jesus is coming any day now and that we all will be judged for voting for another term a President who doesn’t align himself with Biblical principles.

Where do we get off? I mean, where in the Bible does it say that the leaders of all nations would align themselves 100% with Biblical standards? Where in history has this EVER happened? Who are we to think that we’re some special generation that will be entitled to and endowed with a President that makes everything easy and comfortable for Christians and then punishes anyone else accordingly for not having Christian standards.

We are supposed to not be of this world.
We are supposed to love one another ABOVE ALL things.
We are supposed to trust in God and God alone for our future.

I voted for Romney.
But I also voted for several Democratic candidates for the Senate and Congress.
I don’t think Obama stands for everything not Biblical, just like I never thought Romney stood for all things Biblical.

The political party systems are not the polarities of Christians vs everyone else.
This us vs them mentality has led to countless acts of hate, strife, anger, and injustice all in the “name of Christ” because we are mad that someone doesn’t believe what we believe and, therefore, validate us in our beliefs.

Show me in the Bible where Jesus cared at all about the Christian ideology of the Roman Emperor?
Show me in the Bible where Jesus advocates for any of his 12 disciples to gain political power in government?
Show me in the Bible where Jesus said the world would be brought to Christ by upholding a man-made constitution or by passing laws that make Christian ideals a mandate for everyone?
Show me in the Bible where Jesus seemed to endorse a capitalist mindset where everyone gets to keep and hoard what they worked hard for?

My point is to not be hostile or even infringe on anyone’s rights to vote based on their belief systems.
As Americans, we do have the right to vote based on our beliefs.
But as Christians we are supposed to give up our right to allow anger or hatred to create strife between us and others. We give up our rights to amass wealth for our own pleasures, while there are millions of starving, destitute, orphans in need of homes, etc. We give up our right to control everything, as if we were in control of our own destinies to begin with. And we give up our right to dictate for others what they should do when our own lives are full of equal amounts of brokenness and depravity.

Obama is not Armageddon. And like a dear friend of mine said, voting for Obama does not forfeit your salvation. Ultimately, we vote in good conscience for the candidate we believe is best suited for office based on our belief systems and IF our candidate does not win we are to pray for our President, get involved as best we can to help ignite change on the social and political levels, and trust God with the outcome, our future, and our country.

This is not a “Congratulations, Obama” followed by a “may God have mercy on us all.”
This is a plea for humility before God. TRUSTING him with control of our lives, not the democratic system.
Trusting God that His plans and His ways are HIGHER than ours.
Trusting God that despite our potential disappointment with the election that He is on the only throne that matters.
If God chooses to deliver America to Hell in a hand basket, HE IS GOD.
Not you.
Not me.

May we all work out our salvation with more fear and trembling before a God that is mightier than we give Him credit for.
May we love our neighbors.
May we begin looking into things like foster care for lonely, troubled orphans despite the inevitable loss of the comfortable life we have built for ourselves.
May we serve others like Christ.
May we donate our time, money, and other resources to feeding the homeless, protecting the innocent, counseling the broken, etc.
May we be Christ to others, as best we can, no matter who is President of this country.
The President does not affect how we as citizens operate for the betterment of society.
Our President being Christian or not does not affect our ability to be Christians in a world that needs more love than it does politics.

Because in the end, the political state of America is just a blip in the timeline of history and eternity.


– – –

What the Bible ACTUALLY says:

Romans 13:1 – “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

Matthew 24:6-14 – “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains. Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me.10 At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, 11 and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. 12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, 13 but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. 14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

1 Peter 4: 7-11 – “The end of all things is near. Therefore be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray. 8 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. 9 Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. 10 Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. 11 If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God. If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.”

Matthew 22: 37-39 – “Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.‘”

Job 23: 13-15 – “But he stands alone, and who can oppose him? He does whatever he pleases. He carries out his decree against me, and many such plans he still has in store. That is why I am terrified before him; when I think of all this, I fear him.”

1 Peter 2:17 – “Show proper respect to everyone: Love the brotherhood of believers, fear God, honor the king.”

1 Timothy 2:1-3 – “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holinessThis is good, and pleases God our Savior.”

Photo Challenge

Life passes by way too quickly these days.
I have been easily stressed and, therefore, forget to slow down and remember my blessings.

One way I will challenge life’s busyness is to do a Photo Challenge over the next month.
I am a bit late in getting started, so it will be less of a “February” challenge and more of an Early 2012 Photo Challenge.

Want to do this with me?
I’d love to see what pictures you create out of these topics! 🙂

Let the everyday moment capturing begin!