Putting Away Childish Things… (a rant)

For most of my twenties I had the sneakiest, underlying suspicion that all adults felt like children trying to play the role of an adult. I never felt as grown up as some of my responsibilities seemed to imply I should feel. I always felt like I was getting older….but not necessarily grown up….


However, the past year I have felt a difference – a shift – and it has got me thinking a lot about how exactly we define maturity. Is maturity having a stable job and income? Is it graduating with a college degree? Is maturity living on your own? Owning a home? Paying for things like sewer and trash pick up? Is maturity getting married? Having kids? Is maturity leaving childish things behind and, if so, what exactly constitutes “childish things” and who gets to make that determination?

The whole not having kids thing has certainly made me feel like I am “behind” in this thing called adulthood. Not that we’re racing, but that I have somehow not crossed a threshold of mature womanhood as have 99% of my friends. It also gives people the assumption that they can butt into your life with a host of very personal questions and still feel like they had every right to do so. Every time someone ask me if I have “any news” yet, it just reinforces the pain and overwhelming feeling that I am not measuring up as an adult – as a woman. To those people I say: READ THIS. Do it. For my sake and the sake of others, stop what you’re doing and READ THIS.

Last night Chad and I read through a Facebook rant between my Aunt, my cousin, my Uncle, and this random lady I don’t know. I don’t want to make light of the argument that occurred, but considering the topic how can I not? The whole conversation was so over-the-top ridiculous and a primary reason why I’ve gotten off Facebook. Not that my cousin could avoid being attacked for petty things, but that someone would attack her at all. People feel that the internet empowers them to say exactly what they’re thinking without any consequences or repercussions and that simply isn’t so. I will even go as far to say that it is an immature mind that not only causes strife over petty things, but also hides behind the internet to be condescending and rude.

The argument was over whether or not a mature adult should like things that are considered by some to be childish toys/icons for children. In this case, it was Hello Kitty, which has remained popular for a very long time with both children and adults, but seems to have especially risen in popularity in America in the past 10 years or so. (Always popular mind you – just even more so nowadays).

What are your thoughts? Can a mature adult collect Hello Kitty items/clothing? Can a grown up adult consider themselves actually grown up if they still enjoy youthful iconic cartoon characters?

Charlize_Theron_Wears_Some_Hello_Kitty_First_Image_From_Young_Adult_1313455032 hello-kitty-ct2_opt hello-kitty-pajamas

My personal opinion?


Here’s why:
There are so many other factors of far greater value evident in a person’s life that can determine maturity or the lack thereof. Whether a woman wears a Hello Kitty shirt is hardly the standard. In my own life and in the lives of those around me, I evaluate someone’s maturity (or immaturity) on one very important, often over-looked factor: someone’s capacity for awareness.

Awareness: noun. – Having knowledge or cognizance. To be watchful and vigilant.

How many adults do you know who have jobs and homes and careers and yet trample the people around them in their pursuits? How many married couples do you know (with or without children) who take others for granted or ignore the most obvious signs that their self-absorbed world is actually hurting others?
On the same note, how many children, teens, or young adults do you know who seem mature despite the fact that they lack the “evidence” of adulthood (career, home, spouse, etc) because they treat others with respect; they don’t steal other’s dignity over petty things; they overlook offenses; they forgive and forget and strive for peace; they aren’t quick to defend themselves, but quick to listen, etc??

So if you like Barbies or Hello Kitty or Garfield and your entire house and wardrobe resembles this – who cares?? Seriously. Why is this even a point worth arguing? Why should anyone even have the audacity to look at someone else and judge their maturity-level by outward appearances? If anything, the person judging has become the person being immature and petty.

Aside from rants and egregious arguments altogether, the question we should be asking when evaluating our own maturity is this: Do I think the world revolves around me or am I aware of the living, breathing, hurting, over-worked, stressed, tired human beings around me?? Does each thing in my day annoy me because it inconveniences me or can I remain patient in the middle of bumper-to-bumper traffic because I am aware that up ahead is a car accident that is costing someone dearly? Can I remain selfless and loving when a mother is dong her best to console/tolerate her screaming child in the store because I am aware that this might be her only chance to purchase diapers for the week despite it being way past her son’s bedtime?? Can I overlook someone’s bad attitude at work because I am aware that today might just be a bad day for them and we’re all human? And that is the point: we. are. all. human.

Being an adult is not about the clothes you wear (unless you’re in a 9-5 job interview haha) and it makes no difference whether or not you like Hello Kitty or the NFL or gourmet cooking. Being an adult is being able to go through life fully aware that the people around you are people with the same capacity for love and pain as you. They do not want you judging them. They do not want you bullying them. They do not want you prying into whether or not they’re going to get married, have children, or “what they’re doing next with their lives.” They certainly don’t need you overlooking them and trampling them into the grounds while you selfishly pursue your life.

They need love. They need patience. They need compassion. They need you to be aware of them, see them, hear the things their eyes are saying, and acknowledge them.

So let’s put away these childish things and choose instead to live life fully aware. Let’s be watchful and vigilant for those around us and focus less on ourselves and our own personal grievances…

I’d love to know your thoughts on this!! Please feel free to comment below…. 🙂



Nerd Fest: Literature

I can’t really comprehend people who spent 4 years at a University getting a degree in something they don’t have a passion for. Although sometimes you might have to take a job you don’t like in order to pay the bills or provide for your family, it just doesn’t make sense to me to choose a career path to study for 4 years where you won’t enjoy the career once you’re there.

I don’t have that problem.

I absolutely LOVE what I am studying!
I love writing.
I love literature.
I even love critical analysis!
I can’t wait to have a job where I am writing, reading, researching, and teaching while they pay me!

Right now, I am in my Senior Capstone class, which is the culmination of everything I have ever learned as an English major.
We’re writing a very large paper that we will then present to an audience of students, staff, faculty, Deans, friends, family, etc.

While some of my fellow classmates seem to be dragging their heels through every assignment, I have found myself literally loving it!

But I think I am realizing….
I won’t have another Senior Capstone class at Park University again.
I won’t have brilliant professors and fellow bibliophiles around me everyday to just spontaneous discuss literature with.
I won’t have classes where we delve deeply into the writing processes of famous authors or learn how to write poetry like TS Eliot.
This is it for me.
I am trying my best to enjoy every bit of it.

Top 3 Nerd Fest highlights for me, so far:
– Visiting the absolutely massive KU research library in Lawrence and weaving my way through aisle after aisle, and floor after floor of millions of books! They have an area called “The Stacks” where everything is categorized by whatever topic you might be researching. (How thoughtful of them!) So you don’t have to grab a book in one section and your next book in another section – you can just sit in their narrow aisles smelling the scent of worn out pages and breathing the air of active minds and have everything you need right there! I ended up walking out with 15 books!
– When I realized that I was going to make a substantial addition to the conversation surround Victor Hugo’s craft of the novel, as seen in Les Miserables – Burkean Parlor style. 🙂
– Seeing how excited the faculty have become as we’ve discussed my ideas for this paper. To know that people you respect and admire so much think you’re project is going to be fascinating is such a compliment.

Some of you have no idea what I am talking about.

You may not even read books or know how to spell your own name, and that’s okay. (Not the name part – you should work on that).

My point is that these things are a passion for me. I am studying my passion and preparing to utilize it in my career for as long as I am able. God has given us passions for a reason! We’re meant to use our passions for the betterment of the world around us. If you don’t know your passions, maybe your not looking outside yourself long enough to find one.

So whatever you’re passionate about, whatever makes your heart beat faster, whatever gives you your own private nerd fest – DO THAT.

Life is too short to stifle our passions and kindle our indifferences.