One thing I love doing is making handmade and artistic items.
There are a few things that I do really well when I am feeling crafty:

Custom Diaper Cakes,
Paintings (Oil or Acrylic)
Photographic Prints,
and Other Mixed Media Wall Art

These 5 things are available for ordering and/or custom ordering. 🙂
If you want to order anything, email me at:  onethousandsmiles@gmail.com

– – –

Diaper Cakes:

Let’s face it: Diaper Cakes are the big hit of any Baby Shower, but they can be incredibly time consuming to create!
Who wouldn’t want to pay someone to custom design and assemble one for them??

This is where I come in. 🙂

Unfortunately, these are only available to customers in the Kansas City Metro area or surrounding cities.
This is because Diaper Cakes are ridiculously difficult and expensive to ship!
(Not to mention they probably wouldn’t survive the process.)

SO – if you would like to order a custom Diaper Cake for a Baby Shower or “Congrats on Your Bundle of Joy” gift, then here are the details:

A custom Diaper Cake consists of approximately 100-125 diapers and can be designed around any theme/gender/etc.

I charge $50 to put the cake together (takes about 2-3 hours to assemble) and I also charge for the cost of supplies.

(I don’t charge for the items I need to assemble the cake, just the decorations that go on it and the diapers.)

Generally, the diapers PLUS decorations cost anywhere from $60-$100 depending on if I can find good sales and what type of decorations you’re interested in.
I would only charge for what I purchase, so that is why the price is customized per Diaper Cake.

(Note: if you want to buy all the supplies and diapers yourself, then it would just be $50 to put it all together for you.) 

Examples of typical decorations to pick and choose from are:

Baby Wash Cloths
Baby Onesies
Baby/Toddler Spoons
Teething Toy
Bath Toy
Stuffed Animal for the top of the cake (or something else on top if you’d like!)
Wooden Letters for Baby’s name/initials
Wooden Animals/Characters/Objects/etc (these are found at Hobby Lobby and are typically 10 cents each with a lot to choose from, so they are great for accommodating a theme design!)
Baby essentials such as:  nail clippers, thermometer, Diaper Rash Cream, Baby Powder, Baby Lotions/Bath Wash, Baby Hair brush/comb, etc….

Here are some pictures of Diaper Cakes I have done in the past:

Larger Cake:

Smaller Cake:

– – –

Paintings / Drawings:

I have some paintings completed/ready for purchase and I have some paintings “in process” that will be posted soon.

I am also more than willing to paint anything custom.
Have you ever seen a picture on Pinterest or anywhere else that you’d love to have hanging on the walls of your home??
If you’d like me to paint you anything particular, just email me the details! The more details the better.
If you have a picture you want me to mimic or be inspired by, attach that in your email. 🙂

I am willing to attempt almost anything.
If you don’t like how it turns out, you don’t have to buy it. 🙂

Email me if you’d like to request a custom painting or drawing: onethousandsmiles@gmail.com

Here is a painting I currently have for sale:

Name: “The Sound of Fury”
Size: 48″ x 24″
Medium: Oil
Price: $125 + shipping

Here are examples of other paintings I have already done that are no longer available:

Here are examples of drawings I have already done that are no longer available:

– – –

Photographic Prints

I love to take high quality, artistic photos!

I don’t really do portraits just due to a lack of experience, but I have been taking artistic photos for a while!
I also love to create “Photo Words” – where I turn photos into letters that spell something like a family name, child’s name, city, favorite sport’s team, virtue/belief, etc.

Photos are available in Color or Black and White.

To order either a printed photograph or a digital copy of a photo(s) please email me with the details: onethousandsmiles@gmail.com

Here is an example from online of what “Photo Words” would look like:

Here are some examples of Professional Photos I have taken (some of these can be available to purchase!):


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