Tick Tock

I am finding it very difficult lately over the past few weeks to not feel overcome with anxiety over everything that still needs to get done. I feel like I can only do 1/2 of what I’m typically capable because I become so exhausted so much more quickly. I also feel that every time we accomplish something on our massive to-do list, 3 more things get added.

Is this normal?

I am 26 weeks as of today and the nursery has not even been touched because we have so many other things to finish before we can be ready to start putting the nursery together. Between working full time at a job that has its own daily, never-ending demands and all the projects we have going on, I feel overwhelmed that we’re falling dangerously behind and running out of time.

Is 26 weeks really that late to still not have anything done with the nursery?? Because people keep asking me if I have the nursery “all set up” and every time they ask me that I feel a growing sense of anxiety that lately reduces me to tears without warning…

I need Jesus to be my peace and my help…. I try to center myself in Him and find my strength in Him…  But I’m still getting stressed and still crying at a moment’s notice when something else is either added to my to-do list or delays checking something off my list….


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  1. Tina says:

    Oh sweetie. 😦

    First of all – yes, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed with all the To-Do’s before baby comes. But it sounds like your level of stress/anxiety is a bit higher than normal. You still have 14 weeks until your due date. That’s over 3 months! You have plenty of time to get things done.

    My suggestion? Prioritize. Does the nursery HAVE to be done before baby gets here. No. I swear, it really doesn’t. Yes, society tells us that you have to prepare a beautifully decorated nursery long before you head to the hospital, but for who? Does the baby care whether his name is on the wall or whether his crib and changing table and dresser all match the color scheme of the crib set? Heck no. YOU might care, but baby sure doesn’t. In most cases, he won’t even see the inside of his nursery until he’s 3 months old anyways.

    Amelia’s crib didn’t get put together until after she was born and she didn’t sleep in it until she was 4 months. I bought her crib set used because I couldn’t afford new, but she doesn’t know it’s slightly faded. I have yet to paint her walls or put any “real” decorations up. At first – before and then shortly after she was born – I felt like a horrible mom since she didn’t have a beautiful nursery. But some good friends helped me realize that on the scale from 0 to important, a beautiful nursery was a 1. So I let go of that burden and guilt and I became a happier, more relaxed mama.

    It’s no secret that stress isn’t good for a baby in the womb. The BEST thing you can do for him right now is to just relax. Sit down, put your feet up, sip something yummy, and then make a list of everything that HAS to be done before he gets here. Things like getting a carseat and learning how to install it. Pretty much everything else can be done after. For real.

    Baby books and websites are full of lists of things to do and buy. But you know what baby needs the most? A safe and loving home. Your belly is his home right now, and it’s your job to keep it safe. So don’t let society bully you into feeling stressed and anxious about the things you have to do before baby comes.

    Not sure what actually HAS to be done before baby comes? Ask us. You’ve got your own panel of experts at your fingertips. We’d be happy to share the things we were glad we did, the things we wish we had done, and the things we wish we hadn’t wasted our time on.

    Love you girl. I’m here if you need me, whether it’s to write a list, put together a dresser, or go get a (decaf) coffee. 🙂

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