The Joy of Solitude

This might be silly to some of you, but…. there is almost nothing so relaxing to me as getting on our ride-on lawn mower on a perfectly beautiful evening and spending the next 2 hours mowing our ridiculously large backyard with nothing but my thoughts and my country music playlist coming through my headphones.
(All I was missing was an ice cold beer, folks!)

I love mowing our yard.
I love the solitude of it.

I love making neat straight lines in the grass and watching the sun slowly sink lower into the horizon.
I love seeing the birds come to look for fresh bugs to eat in the newly chopped grass lanes.
I love feeling the sun warm my exposed shoulders and feeling the breeze brush off the tiny flakes of grass sticking to my warm skin.
I almost always have to listen to country music when I am mowing the lawn because there is nothing quite so perfect as sitting on a John Deere tractor mower and enjoying songs about being a Redneck Woman and how some girl touched Tim McGraw’s heart Not a Moment Too Soon.

I love feeling so grounded doing something so normal and feeling like, for just a second, all the cares and concerns that have been building in my life and in my mind and on my heart are silenced in that space of time.

I think God meant nature to be a place where we can go and feel centered in Him.
A place where we can breathe deeply.
A place where being alone with ourselves is a therapeutic choice and immensely gratifying.
A place where we can watch the ever-faithful sun set, and remember that He is faithful and that He holds everything in His perfect hands.
By being alone in nature, I am reminded of how very close He is.

“It may be laid down as a position which will seldom deceive,
that when a man cannot bear his own company there is something wrong.” – Samuel Johnson


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