You Don’t Know Everything

“You think the only people who are people are the people who look at think like you, but if you walk the footsteps of a stranger you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew.” – Pocahontas


Belated Halloween!

Chad and I had a pretty good Halloween this year, so I wanted to share the pictures even though I am about 20 days late doing so…

First of all, the trees and leaves this year have been spectacular!

IMAG3253 IMAG3256 IMAG3259 IMAG3263 IMAG3267 IMAG3375 IMAG3376 IMAG3377 IMAG3380 IMAG3382 IMAG3383 IMAG3384

Also, my co-workers out-did themselves with awesome costumes!

Kayla as Katniss Everdeen:

Desiree as Wilma Flintstone!

Amanda as Guy Fieri (I didn’t even recognize her!!)IMAG3248

Excellent video of Amanda impersonating Guy Fieri!!

And Logan as a Dalek!!

Also, Chad and I decided to dress simplistically as yard gnomes….


IMAG3271 IMAG3273

And Maizie and Pumpkin were forced to dress like a cop and fugitive….HAHA! Doesn’t Pumpkin look guilty!?!?! 🙂


IMAG3277 IMAG3274

Lastly, we had some great visitors join us to hand out candy and eat yummy Chicken Tortilla soup I made!

IMAG3291 IMAG3293 IMAG3294 IMAG3311 IMAG3313

How was your Halloween? How has your Fall been? 🙂

How Many Times?

You know how they say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? It makes sense to assume that trying something over and over and getting absolutely no where would drive someone insane, right?

I sometimes feel like I a losing my mind.

Today I took a test that would either 1.) determine a new role for me for the rest of my life or 2.) would just be the same old results I always get. It was a pregnancy test and it was the latter.

God, this hurts.

Can you even fathom waiting and hoping and dreaming for something not only for 2.5 years, but every 30 days or so as well? Imagine that every single cycle you recover from the grief of another negative pregnancy test only to begin trying again and allowing yourself to hope and dream again – only to cycle back around into the darkness of hopelessness and loss. Even the “trying for a baby” part begins to lose its fairy tale appeal because while the rest of the world gets to just have sex all the time and magically turn up pregnant, your journey becomes more of a horror story involving multiple invasive vaginal ultrasounds, medication you have to inject yourself with in the abdomen every single day, the side effects of swollen enlarged ovaries, having to perfectly and intricately time when you have sex rather than being able to just do it when you actually want to, and add to that having many of the symptoms of pregnancy that only continue to falsely fuel your hopes and dreams because you had to give yourself a HCG shot to trigger ovulation resulting in the actual pregnancy hormone coursing through your body for 12 days.

It royally sucks.
I have never experienced such a traumatic roller coasters of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain.
Couple that with the fact that you’re now in your 30’s, so every single woman you seem to encounter is pregnant or already have 3-4 kids of her own. It not only will make you feel insane, but you’ll start to be jealous of the most ridiculous things.

How many times have I driven by someone’s house and been jealous of the toys laying in their yard?
How many times have I seen someone exhausted from being up all night with their newborn and wish I even had such a glorious reason to lose sleep?
Oh if I could tell you how many times have I even been jealous that someone had to deal with spit up, poopy diaper explosions, colicky babies, and even toddler tantrums because even in those difficult and not fun moments of parenting it still means that they are, in fact, a mother. Something I feel is so far out of my reach.

I know I am venting and complaining, but wouldn’t you?

You can’t tell me to “relax and it will happen” and you better not tell me to “rejoice in the Lord and He will give me the desires of my heart” because none of that negates the pain and sorrow I have to cycle through on a constant basis. I do trust God. I do rejoice in Him. I am waiting on His timing. But He has given me the freedom to grieve and cry out and beg for understanding even if it is beyond me.

I’ve actually been loving this song on the radio by Plumb called “Need You Now” because the lyrics resonate with exactly what my heart has been feeling. The sense that you can reach a point of heartache so deep that you cry out to God to “please take this” from you. The point of heartache where you’re so tired from having to hold on for so long and you just need His strength to keep breathing…. It is beautifully powerful.

Away From It All

This past weekend Chad and I packed up the car and drove down to Lake of the Ozarks to spend some time together as a couple and celebrate 5 years of being married – even if it was 3 months overdue!

It was so nice to just get away. We honestly didn’t “do” a whole lot, since it was during the off season and many of the local attractions were closed or limited. We just enjoyed each other’s company. We spent time together. We didnt have to mow the yard or pay bills or run errands.

We just rented Red Box movies.
We had deep conversations (some of them nice conversations and some of them hard, but needed conversations)
We laughed together.
We explored together.
We did some shopping in the local outlet mall.
We raced Go Karts!
We took pictures together (something we don’t seem to find time to do as much anymore).
We ate out at a fancy restaurant.
We had chips and dip for dinner one night because we didn’t want to leave the hotel.

It was honestly a great trip and very refreshing for our souls and our relationship to leave the busyness and worries and responsibilities of reality back at home in Kansas City for a few days.

Pics from the trip…

Lake of the Ozark on the way in:IMAG1727

Our hotel:



At Baxter’s Lakeside Grill:

Chad’s Prime Rib special with Wasabi Smashed potatoes… The Wasabi potatoes ended up not being his favorite so the waitress let him exchange them for the kind of potatoes I ordered. 🙂

I got the Walnut encrusted Walleye with Apple Butter Bearnaise sauce and a side of Bacon and Bleu Cheese red potatoes. YUMMY!


Pics together 🙂
IMAG1747 IMAG1748 IMAG1749 IMAG1751

Back of the hotel w/ attached H. Toads Bar and Grill



Also, you know Missouri is WEIRD, but endearing when you drive through a small town and this is their water tower: