Hiatus from Facebook

I am hoping to be blogging more as I am taking a much-needed break from Facebook.

I just feel like what used to be a medium for connecting with long distance friends and networking/getting to know new friends has instead, for me, turned into a medium for drama or sadness.

To be honest, it has been hard for me to scroll through my news feed and see an overwhelming number of pregnancy announcements, sonogram pictures, and baby/kid photos.

Don’t get me wrong.

For some of my closest and dearest friends these are actually the highlight of my news feed! I love seeing photos of my KC friend’s kids and also getting to see them in real life. I love seeing the Bougher kids growing into little young men and baby Shine getting prettier every day. I love seeing pics of my nieces and nephews because every single one of them lives long distance from me. I love see Judah looking more and more like his Daddy and I love seeing Halle’s hair getting longer as she too gets more beautiful every day. I love the pics of my friend Jessica’s 3 kids, Janine’s little Micah, Michele’s two sweet boys, the Broussard family kids, and so many more….

The issue lies not in the pictures or updates themselves, but rather the fact that it now makes up 90% of my Facebook feed and every day I feel like I am “falling behind” in a journey that everyone else is taking. As much as you all include me, I am still left out. As much as I am over the moon with joy for you, I ache because my arms are empty. As much as I relish being a part of the lives of everyone I love that I can’t live near, I can’t tell you how many times I have just started crying from scrolling through my news feed.

Add to that the drama on Facebook and you have a recipe for a MUCH needed hiatus.

It won’t be permanent.
It will last as long as I need it to for my sanity.

I will be spending the time I am not on Facebook anymore catching up on the 10 books I have been wanting to start/finish.
The scrap booking I’ve put off for over a year.
The two blankets I have been working on for over 3 years!
The projects around the house I have neglected.
Intentionally hanging out with friends in real life here in KC without staring at my phone every 10 min. 😉
Heck, even the shows/movies on Netflix I have been wanting to see!

I will be blogging more. Available by email: tashabcardwell@gmail.com and answering text messages. I will probably still check Facebook private messages every now and then, but you’re more likely to reach me by email since it comes straight to my phone.


12 comments on “Hiatus from Facebook

  1. Colby Hearn says:

    :: high five and a hug ::

  2. sonyadunham says:

    So sad… I’ll miss your posts. I wish nothing but the best for you. I pray every day that all your dreams come true.

  3. j9 says:

    ❤ Love you Tash. Will miss your posts too, but it's such a healthy thing. Praying with you, hoping with you.

  4. castikat says:

    Good for you. I know there are a LOT of books I want to catch up too lol but I always end up on facebook and tumblr instead…so have fun with those and your projects 🙂 I’m really excited to see you in less than 6 weeks!! I have the whole thanksgiving weekend off so we can definitely hang out! Also, we should go see Catching Fire together 😛 My mom just saw Hunger Games and she wants to come too lol

  5. kimmie says:

    Took me a little to catch up here..but I have been thinking about you a ton. We need to talk soon. I love you friend.

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