Looking Up

I think it is easy to lose faith in hard circumstances when our eyes neglect the need to look up.

One of the most comforting verses for me the past few years has been:
Psalms 46:10a, “Be still and know that I am God…”

When the world feel heavy, we forget we’re not meant to carry it.
When circumstances seem bleak, we forget who is in control.
We are so used to moving and striving and earning, that we’ve lost the ability to just be still in the midst of chaos and turmoil and fix on our eyes on He who is faithful and permanent.

A friend posted this on his status today and it was so timely:
“Just because your dream is delayed doesn’t mean it’s denied.” – Pete Wilson

Lord, help my unbelief – increase my faith in things I cannot see.

“Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him…Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.”
– Rom. 4:18a, 20-21