Free :: Alive :: Grateful

I am sitting here at work updating my blog and feeling very blessed.

Thanksgiving has already passed and I already stated very clearly in my last post what I am not thankful for.
But this morning I found myself feeling free, alive, and grateful.

Free because yesterday I finished my Capstone presentation and it went extremely well. I feel very nostalgic already. My very last English class as an undergrad is 98% complete, but all the writing, reading, researching, etc is over. As happy as I will be to not have homework to do nearly every night, I am very sad to be just a few weeks away from being a student. I love school! I love learning! I love being an English major! I am nearly FREE, but it is bittersweet and that is a good thing.

Alive because am blessed with so many things that make me smile and laugh. My husband is the absolute funniest person on the planet. My friends are so thoughtful and so caring. My new coworkers are so welcoming. My old coworkers make me feel very special by how they will miss me and already do.

Grateful because I have a husband who loves me so much and is constantly saying how proud he is of me.
And grateful for little things like being able to keep my car in a warm garage all winter, our kitties being overly needy for love, a great cup of coffee, Christmas decor, scarfs from Italy, etc.

This may turn out to be a rambling, random, and nonsensical post – but I just wanted to write out how I am feeling today while I still have  enough down time at work to do so.

I am also technically getting paid to write this. Be jealous. 🙂




2 comments on “Free :: Alive :: Grateful

  1. this made me smile. you’re awesome.

  2. Debi says:

    This made me smile too! I love when my kids are loving life! I am so incredibly proud of you!

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