Lacking Profundity

It’s been a month since I’ve written, so I feel like I should post something but words are failing me.
A few days ago I had a million ideas running through my head for a new blog post, but today has been very “blah” for multiple reasons and I just can’t seem to conjure up something profound, witty, or worthwhile to say.
So I will skip past all the profound, witty, and worthwhile and just give you my very basic thoughts at the moment.

Here they are:

French movies are strange, but intriguing.

Some friends are for a season and others will always be with you – even if it’s just in spirit.

Oxycodone always comes to my rescue.

Life isn’t fair and people lose sight constantly of the blessings they already have.

It’s amazing how you can convince yourself that leftovers taste good when you have little energy and no motivation to cook anything.

No matter how healthy I desire to be, I could never go without a microwave.

I love to write, but not everyone can accept what I really want to say, so it doesn’t get said.

The family members I was closest to as a child are now so very distant and the family members I never felt close to as a child have now become the ones I talk to the most.

Ants serve a purposeful eco-funciton (is that a word?) but today they were the cherry on the cake of my undoing.

Faith is already a confusing thing, but when you add a sense of entitlement it makes everything tainted and ugly.

I am actually looking forward to school.

I feel like I let people down all the time even though no one is actually saying so. (not often anyway)

I never knew how much I cherished the use of my shoulders until now.

– –