Hands, Feet, Mouth, Ears, etc.

This will be a quick post since my eyes are having a very hard time staying open at the moment and tomorrow is scheduled to be a busy (but fun!) day.

I just have felt so connected lately and it has made my heart happy.
I feel part of  a body with various moving parts.
I feel embraced by a community.
I was told today by a friend that they wanted to really, truly be my friend and hang out much more often because being “just friends” that see each other every now and then wasn’t cutting it.
To feel so wanted…accepted for who I am… appreciated….understood…. these are the things that are priceless.

This is what it means to be the hands and feet and mouth and ears (etc) of Christ.
To touch and go and speak and listen (etc) as He would – without prejudice, without rash judgments based on appearance or personality differences or differing beliefs in the minor things that don’t matter.
Christ loved unabashedly and unreservedly and I have been feeling that love in Kansas City and it moves me to tears and prayers of thankfulness to my Heavenly Father who has once again proven Himself incredibly faithful.

Disclaimer: I have unfortunately also seen the opposite in Kansas City by people who claim to know and love Christ and yet continue to portray a hand that is withholding, ears that do not listen, mouths that do not speak love, and feet that do not welcome wherever they go. It is sad, but true that there are “Christians” out there like this, but such is life and I can only be responsible for myself and my actions.

If you are this person, just stop.
If you are this person and you don’t know it yet, may God open your eyes and show you how to love as He loved.


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  1. I SO LOVE YOUR POSTS….I truly understand what you are saying….I am so glad the Lord has opened this up to you….I do think some people live their life in this mode and truly don’t understand that they are doing this….Love ya tons….granny

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