Holes in Their Hubris

This was a fun poem we had to write for my Creative Writing class.
We had to write a poem where we put 3 restraints (or limitations) on our format.

When I started writing it, it was very late at night and I was exhausted from trying to create deep, meaningful poetry.
I decided to write something more peppy and fun for once.

The 3 restraints I put on myself were:
1. To try and steer away from a serious tone
2. Every line has to rhyme with cheese.
3. The poem itself must be shaped like swiss cheese (<– this was the hardest one to adhere to!)

The result was this:

Holes in Their Hubris
By: Tasha Cardwell

Some states just can’t be appeased
There are some who are hard to please
They          claim to have all the expertise
This             topic desires yet more emphases
Unchecked it festers:              a terminal disease
This state boasting                   its arrogant decrees
Although we all like                to eat plenty of these
Most commonly shaped like obtuse and an isosceles.
For these, other         Cheddar or Brie will cause unease
They require a            Gouda and Swiss fit for dignitaries
Anywhere else            it’s manufactured would displease
Their superiority for their product knows no degrees
If you visit within their borders then you will see
These haughty Wisconsinites and their cheese!


2 comments on “Holes in Their Hubris

  1. Debi cox says:

    Soooo cute! I love it!

  2. Well that was so cute…good job….love the shape and the holes….very clever….you are so talented…..love your writings….you should write a childrens book and illustrate it….I know, who has the time….good grief, something else to do….lol….love ya much

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