My Creative Writing teacher was talking to us about over-used metaphors, or cliches.

THEN he gave us the assignment to take a cliche and write a poem about it where we take it literally.
(i.e. – “raining cats and dogs” could be a poem about a day when it literally rained cats and dogs and what that might be like.)

Here is mine. Can you guess the cliche I used? 🙂

– – –

By: Tasha Cardwell 

It’s wretchedly crowded in here, though no one’s admitting
His stench suffocating the air: old peanuts and droppings
He has many names, but is often ignored
No one confesses: he doesn’t match the décor

His mammoth frame eating hay: offensive and broad
Still we engage in more shallow dialogue
It’s gnawing at me! I wish someone would say something!
But not me – someone else! It’s quite unbecoming.

So we sip our tea and engage in more pleasantries.
While Quagmire bellows and drops more feces

– – –

For a clue on which cliche I am writing about – click here!

– – –

P.s. – “Quagmire” – a situation from which extrication is very difficult.


4 comments on “Quagmire

  1. kvennarad says:

    I think you gave the game away.

    The pachyderm in the parlour.

    Marie Marshall

  2. sounds like such a fun class….are you enjoying it….a pachyderm in the parlor is rather like a bull in a china closet…..wonder who makes up these lovely thoughts,,,,,that could be an interesting study….

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