Holes in Their Hubris

This was a fun poem we had to write for my Creative Writing class.
We had to write a poem where we put 3 restraints (or limitations) on our format.

When I started writing it, it was very late at night and I was exhausted from trying to create deep, meaningful poetry.
I decided to write something more peppy and fun for once.

The 3 restraints I put on myself were:
1. To try and steer away from a serious tone
2. Every line has to rhyme with cheese.
3. The poem itself must be shaped like swiss cheese (<– this was the hardest one to adhere to!)

The result was this:

Holes in Their Hubris
By: Tasha Cardwell

Some states just can’t be appeased
There are some who are hard to please
They          claim to have all the expertise
This             topic desires yet more emphases
Unchecked it festers:              a terminal disease
This state boasting                   its arrogant decrees
Although we all like                to eat plenty of these
Most commonly shaped like obtuse and an isosceles.
For these, other         Cheddar or Brie will cause unease
They require a            Gouda and Swiss fit for dignitaries
Anywhere else            it’s manufactured would displease
Their superiority for their product knows no degrees
If you visit within their borders then you will see
These haughty Wisconsinites and their cheese!

The Song of the Fall

The Song of the Fall
By: Tasha Cardwell

The wind blew high and then blew low,
a million dancing leaves cascade.
Except for one with sweat on brow
fought with all his might to remain.

“Come fly with us!” they sang aloud,
catching sun rays on all facets.
They twirled and they spun throughout
the wind: reds, and golds, and oranges.

They freely sang limb after limb;
their journey from home was thrilling.
Then begged and pleaded for him
to join in their carefree living.

Still he hung on, wouldn’t let go.
He could see they were not flying.
Though the breeze flung them to and fro,
Twas clear to him they were dying.

My Weight Loss: The Details

This post is specifically for those who asked for the details of what I am doing to lose weight and be healthier.
If you are someone who doesn’t care about the nitty-gritty details and is just happy for me, then you can stop reading with post without any guilt or fear of reprisal.
If you are a hater, then hate somewhere else. Haha


So the first detail that I previously mentioned was that I am doing a program with the Metabolic Research Center – specifically the one in Liberty.
They guarantee their results and TAILOR a plan SPECIFIC to you.
This is an important detail that cannot be stressed enough.
Please do not follow what I am doing exactly because it could be damaging to your body.
With the diet I am on, someone else might actually need fewer calories, or more, or more protein, whatever…
Feel free to utilize the general idea of healthy living/eating, but trust me when I say the foods I have been allowed to eat were based on criteria specific to me. (i.e. How much I weigh, how much I need to lose, where on my body I gain weight, my hormones levels, my age, previous eating habits, etc.)


Basically there were only a few requirements for guaranteed results, then optional thing to better those results.

The requirements:

– follow unique eating plan/menu
– take a multi-vitamin every day (a good one!)
– take ____ amount of essential oils everyday. (I have to take 9000mg, and I chose Fish Oil capsules to start)
– Metabolic’s High Nutrient Supplement (HNS) drinks as scheduled into my menu plan.

– Exercise (Very healthy and highly encouraged, but not necessary for results until I begin getting closer to my goal weight)
–  Additional supplements
– Weight in 2x a week
– Record and show to Metabolic a daily food diary
– Classes provided by Metabolic (Cooking, Exercise, Health, Emotional wellness, etc…)

– – –

My menu plan consists of the following:

Allowed Fruits:
Apple, Apricots, Blackberries, Blueberries, Boysenberries, Cantaloupe, Cranberries, Peaches, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Honeydew, Orange, Raspberries, Strawberries, Tangerine, Watermelon.
(Each of these fruits has a specific serving size, but typically anywhere from 1/2 cup to 1 cup depending on the fruit.)

Allowed Vegetables:
Artichokes, Asparagus, Bamboo Shoots, Bean Sprouts, Beet Greens, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, Chard, Chicory, Chinese Cabbage, Collard Greens, Cucumber, Eggplant, Endive, Escarole, Green Beans, Green Onion, Green Peppers (Bell or Jalapeno type),  Kohlrabi, Lettuce (Iceberg, Romaine, Leafy, Kale), Mushrooms, Okra, Pimentos, Radishes, Raw Tomato, Sauerkraut, Spaghetti Squash, Snow Peas, Spinach, Summer Squash, Turnip Greens, Zucchini.
(Serving sizes for veggies is always EITHER 8 oz of raw, or 4 oz of cooked.)

Allowed Bread/Starches:
1 slice wheat bread (45 calories or less per slice!)
1 serving of Melba Toast
1/4 cup cooked:
quinoa, edamame,  green peas, black-eyed peas,
OR legumes such as: black, garbanzo, kidney, pinto, or navy beans.
1/2 corn OR flour tortilla

Allowed Proteins:

Group 1:
3oz hard cheese
2 Eggs
1oz hard cheese, 1 egg
1 egg, 2 egg whites
6oz of Cottage Cheese (but I don’t like this one!)

Group 2: (6 oz serving size)
Choice Beef Round, Choice Beef Sirloin, Flank Steak, Fresh Crab, Fresh Lobster, Fresh Shrimp, Fresh Scallops, Salmon, Gator, Lamb Loin, Pork Loin, Rump Roast, Veal Loin, Liver

Group 3: (6 oz serving size)
 Buffalo, Chicken Breast, Cod, Elk, Flounder or Sole, Haddock, Halibit, Rabbit, Red Snapper, Squirrel, White Tuna (water packed), Turkey Breast (or ground Turkey ONLY if it’s the 99% fat free version), Venison

– – –

So those are my approved foods. I am also allowed to cook with olive oil, Pam, this type of spray butter, and any seasonings I want except for salt. I can also have yellow mustard and (surprisingly!) Dijonaise.

Various Rules:
– No caffeine! (This was the hardest for me, but after about 10 days of this menu I found I did not even need it anymore! I wake up refreshed most days…. I now just miss the taste of coffee….)
– No sugar of any sort.
– No refined white starches
– No Fried Foods
– No Fast Foods
– I am allowed to have 1 cup of decaf coffee a day, with no cream and only artificial sweeteners if needed.
– I am allowed to have up to 24 oz of Caffeine Free, Diet Soda with very very very little sodium. (Like Diet Ginger ale…)
– I am allowed to have one “Creamy” HNS supplement a day. (Hot Chocolate, Pudding, Creamy Chicken Soup, etc….)
– I can only have the 3oz of Hard Cheese protein at one meal per day. This keeps me from eating cheese all day. Haha
– Salad dressing MUST be less than 4g of fat per serving, and less than 3 carbs.

– – –

How My Meals Work: (told you this was going to get detailed!!)

Every morning when I wake up I need to eat breakfast no later than 1 hour after rising.
Breakfast can consist of one Protein choice from Group 1, and 1 Bread/Starch choice.
Along with this I must take 1 HNS supplement and drink lots of water.

Very typical breakfast for me as I am running out the door to school:
1 hard boiled egg, 1 oz of cheese folded inside a slice of wheat bread, 1 grape HNS drink (tastes like grape juice!)
(Along with this I take: 1 multi-vitamin, 2 fish oil pills, 2 MRC-6 pills, and 1 Corti-trim pill!)

Lunch must be eaten no later than 4 hours after breakfast ended.
If I have to go longer than that, I need to have a between meal HNS supplement.
Lunch can consist of 1 Protein choice from either Group 1 or Group 3, along with 1 Vegetable choice, and 1 fruit choice.

Very typical lunch for me:
80z salad consisting of Baby Spinach, Raw Tomato, English Cucumber, and Trader Joes Cilantro Dressing + 6 oz of either Chicken Breast cooked the night before or a packet of Tuna with Dijonaise mixed in + either Cantaloupe or Pineapple or Strawberries. Also, another HNS supplement drink.
(I also have another 2 fish oil pills, 2 more MRC-6 pills, and 1 more Corti-trim)

Dinner has the same between meal hourly rules as lunch and breakfast.
Dinner can consist of 1 Protein choice from either Group 3 or Group 2. (Beef cannot be every night)
In addition to this, I can have 1 Vegetable choice and 1 Bread/Starch choice.

Very typical dinner for me:
4 oz of either steamed broccoli or steamed green beans.
6 oz of either chicken breast, or ground turkey cooked and then added to a HNS Chicken Broth supplement to be a soup!
1 slice of garlic toast.
If I don’t do the HNS Chicken Broth thing, I must have another regular HNS drink.
(I also my last 2 MRC-6 pills, and 3 more fish oils pills)

– – –

And that folks, is how I am losing so much weight.
There is a science behind it, but this post got soooo long you’re probably not even reading this anymore.
So I will post a science-behind-it post soon. 😉

Photo Challenge

Life passes by way too quickly these days.
I have been easily stressed and, therefore, forget to slow down and remember my blessings.

One way I will challenge life’s busyness is to do a Photo Challenge over the next month.
I am a bit late in getting started, so it will be less of a “February” challenge and more of an Early 2012 Photo Challenge.

Want to do this with me?
I’d love to see what pictures you create out of these topics! 🙂

Let the everyday moment capturing begin!


My Creative Writing teacher was talking to us about over-used metaphors, or cliches.

THEN he gave us the assignment to take a cliche and write a poem about it where we take it literally.
(i.e. – “raining cats and dogs” could be a poem about a day when it literally rained cats and dogs and what that might be like.)

Here is mine. Can you guess the cliche I used? 🙂

– – –

By: Tasha Cardwell 

It’s wretchedly crowded in here, though no one’s admitting
His stench suffocating the air: old peanuts and droppings
He has many names, but is often ignored
No one confesses: he doesn’t match the décor

His mammoth frame eating hay: offensive and broad
Still we engage in more shallow dialogue
It’s gnawing at me! I wish someone would say something!
But not me – someone else! It’s quite unbecoming.

So we sip our tea and engage in more pleasantries.
While Quagmire bellows and drops more feces

– – –

For a clue on which cliche I am writing about – click here!

– – –

P.s. – “Quagmire” – a situation from which extrication is very difficult.

The Night Owl

It is just fitting that I write this post on the very threshold of a new morning – though I have not gone to bed yet.

Starting this new program with Metabolic has basically made my life VERY busy.
More to come on this in a very soon future post.

For now, I leave you with another piece of fruit from my labors in Creative Writing class. 🙂

The Night Owl
By: Tasha Cardwell 

Darkness stirs a beckoning in
The place where self becomes awake
Nighttime dreams for the sunlight-spent
While I to my purpose wake

Not fit for sun, nor fresh and bright
Mistakenly not to play foul
Fertile wordsmith amid the night
Identified pilferous fowl.