The Shadow of Love

I wrote this poem for my Creative Writing class.
It is technically a sonnet, comprised entirely of couplets.

The assignment was to mimic a poem in class.
The poem/sonnet I chose to mimic in form, sound, and content was “Daybreak” by Stephen Spender.
My teacher really liked my poem/sonnet!

I am still looking for a better title. Thoughts?

Enjoy. 🙂

– – –

The Shadow of Love ©
By: Tasha Cardwell

 The shallow rise and fall of his bare chest summons
A stirring in mine of emotional emulsions
His soft, yet fuzzy game-like hair
Runs through my fingers; I whisper a prayer
Somewhere in times largely unknown
Providence granted that I wouldn’t be alone
And off in the distance a heavenly choir
Echoes the design that combats the fire
An imitation of things in heavenly realms
Two becoming one: greater than ourselves
The tremulous waiting of this fleeting orb
For culmination of the symphonic chord
His hand beckons for mine, a love-sick pursuer
No greater Love will we ever know truer

– – –


2 comments on “The Shadow of Love

  1. This was so beautiful, moving and romantic. It makes you feel the deep emotion of the love felt in your heart. Gosh you are so talented. I love sonnets!!

  2. oh i was gonna say, this is something that would be so cool printed out and in a frame with a picture of you two.

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