…and the waters receded…

Chad and I have been trying to keep up with a daily Bible reading plan this year. The goal is to read through the entire Bible in 2012.
This is challenging for both of us: Chad is not naturally a “reader” and school tends to drown me in other readings during the semester that I tend to lose time and motivation to really read anything else.
So far, we have been doing pretty well… so cross your fingers that we can actually keep this resolution! 🙂

The plan I chose is the Chronological reading plan.
I have been wanting to read the Bible chronologically for quite some time now.
It does its best with historical accounts to sequence the books and their chapters in the order by which they occurred.
So Genesis is obviously first, but only the first few chapters through the story of Noah, and then it jumps to Job.
It is fascinating.

Today I was reading about the end of the flood when the waters receded off the earth and Noah and his family and all the animals could come out onto dry land again.
I am well aware that the calendar dates of these events are speculative based on Hebrew being translated into English, and factoring in the fact that the calendar we use is different than what they would have used back then…

BUT it still caught my eye that in Genesis 8:13 it says that Noah was able to see the face of the dry ground for the first time on the first day of the first month of a new year.

New beginnings.

Noah and his family were the only people faithful to walk in communion with God. Their reward was salvation from the flood that allowed them to live to see this new year.
No matter what happened the year before or how long they had to remain in that boat, the new year brought change and the chance to start over and make everything new.

I don’t normally feel this way about a new beginnings.
I honestly am always a erring on the side of skeptical and pessimistic when it comes to a new year.

Yet, for some reason, this year I feel this overwhelming hope.
I feel a lot like Noah… I have been waiting and waiting for His promises for me…
I have been doing my best to be faithful and coming back to His feet when I have failed.
I have been longing to see the dry ground that signals the start of a new chapter.
This is the year I want to finally overcome strongholds.
This is the year I want to say goodbye to the old me and find myself again in Him.
This year I feel God whispering to me about the fulfillment of dreams…

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