31 Things: Day Eleven

Today, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness for my church.
Chad and I go to Vineyard KC North. We love it!

I feel so blessed that we found a church that we not only like, but where we feel like we belong.
The worship is amazing.
The Pastor preaches from the Word – unadulterated and not sugar-coated!
Our small group (as blogged about before) has given us community, accountability, and support.
We are just so thankful to find the body of Christ flourishing so well in our new home city.

Today was the grand opening of the new sanctuary/lobby.
The old sanctuary was still in good condition, but our church had grown so much they were doing about 7 services over the course of one weekend!

Now with the new building, they are able to cut that down to 4! 🙂

Here are pics of the new sanctuary and lobby areas…

New entryway:

Lights in new entryway:

New lobby:

New coffee station/area:

And last, but not least… the new Sanctuary!

– – –

Do you have a church family you’re thankful for? 🙂

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  1. I can see me going here, I love the look and especially the chairs looks comfy and of course the coffee station!!

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