31 Things: Day Eight

Today the thing I was thankful for did not actually cross my path.
So far, each of my posts I have tried to keep to something I was thankful for within the specific day I was posting.
However, somewhere in here it needs to be known that I am thankful for a good warm thunderstorm.
Since that is not likely to happen at all in December, let me just use today as the opportunity to explain.
There is nothing quite as cozy as a thunderstorm in the middle of August.
Not the kind where there is hail, the power has gone out, and there are tornado warnings.
The kind where you can open the curtains and just stare at it.
The kind that makes you want a cup of tea, a blanket, a furry kitty, and your favorite book.

The kind you don’t mind driving in because it’s not too strong, but the kind you would so much rather be napping during.

A cozy, steady, nourishing rain.

A rainbow always comes out at the end of such storms.
The trees and grass are always a bit brighter – a bit greener.
And the world – for just a moment – doesn’t seem nearly as thirsty.

Like this kind of rain:

For these types of moments:

Or this:

Or this:

– – –

What about you? Do you like the rain? Why?