31 Things: Day Seven


It might sound silly, but I seriously love the sky – especially sunsets. I honestly didn’t give it much thought until I moved to Texas. The sky in Texas is so much bigger and so much more beautiful than you can imagine if you haven’t seen it for yourself. When I was down at Teen Mania, I would find somewhere on campus where the sky seemed the most expansive and I would just sit and watch the sunset. Later when I was living in Tyler, I would take weekend drives to uptown Dallas. There was this parking garage there that gave me a 360 degree high-up view of Dallas. The sunset during those moments seemed to envelope me….

I think sunsets always stood out to me because they represented hope. I am not intentionally trying to be cheesey…. I really felt a sense of calm and peace as the sun would turn bright orange and change the color of the sky and clouds around it as it descended. I knew it wasn’t gone for good. I knew it would be back again in the morning…. and somehow, that gave me hope.

I was worried when we moved to Missouri that I’d have to say goodbye to my beautiful sunsets. But I was wrong! The sunsets in Missouri are still beautiful. You can’t see as much of the sky because of the hills, but they can still be just as breathtaking.

I am thankful for the sky and sunsets. 🙂

This was the sky looking outside my front door this evening. Beautiful!