31 Things: Day Two

Today… on December 2nd, 2011… I am thankful for the new friends we have made through our church’s small group.

I honestly don’t know where either Chad or I would be without these priceless friends. We are especially close to three very specific couples – who have been our friends since our first night attending small group. These three couples have made our transition into Kansas City so much easier with their love, support and companionship.  They bring a smile to our faces and warm our hearts every time we think of them.

God has certainly proven himself faithful to bless us with such rich and beautiful friendships where we feel so loved. 🙂

Anique and Kamaron Gray:

Anique and Kamaron lead our small group! Without them, we would have never met any of the people in this blog post!
They are both so fun and easy going. They welcomed us into their homes and their lives so effortlessly… it feels like we have known them forever! 🙂
They are such wonderful representations of Christ’s love to us both.
They have two little puppies who are so friendly and cute: Luna and Olive!
I feel so blessed to be a part of their lives and to call them our good friends. 🙂

Zach and Betsy Praiswater:

Zach and Betsy are seriously the funniest people ever!
They both have the best dry sense of humor that Chad and I love.
There have been several times they have proven their extraordinary gifts of hospitality as they opened up their home to us.
Betsy, especially, I have personally grown very fond of  because she is affectionate.
I have always been an affectionate person and truly value it in my friendships. It is a very refreshing thing to find in a new friend.
It is just so nice to have friends to just hang out with and be yourself with. We are so thankful. 🙂
Oh, and they have a super cute fluffy puppy named Spike! If you don’t know the Praiswaters, you’re seriously missing out…

Jennifer and Patrick Henderson:

Jennifer and Patrick have been such a blessing to our lives! They are our first small group friends to have a baby – a handsome little boy named Bentley!
He is now a little over 3 weeks old…
They also have a sweet little puppy named Maddie. 🙂
Jennifer and Patrick are always inviting us over, which blesses us sooo much!
After years of traveling all over the country with no friends, we feel so loved and blessed to have friends who enjoy our company so much. 🙂

– – –

I am not sure how we became friends with such DOG LOVERS, but we are so blessed and thankful to have them in our lives!

– – –
P.s. – we have made other wonderful friends in our small group, but have only recently gotten to know them… they are fun and amazing people we also feel so blessed to know, and we look forward to those friendships continuing to deepen..I certainly couldn’t include each and every person for the sake of the length of this blog post, but that in no way diminishes the thankfulness we feel for ALL the friends God has blessed us with through our small group. 🙂 

* * *


How about YOU? What new friendships has God blessed you with? 🙂


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  1. Colby says:

    Why just this evening, I watched a movie with a co-worker that I haven’t ever hung out with before. Then we played some BF3, did really poorly and laughed heartily about it all.
    Friends are great.

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