Salad Burritos!

One of my favorite “fast food” items are the Chicken Salad Burritos at Baja Fresh.

However, since leaving Washington D.C. I have not had the pleasure of eating one of these. There is one Baja Fresh in ALL of Kansas City and it’s right in the middle of UMKC’s campus…. so maybe when I go to grad school I will eat more salad burritos there?? Hmm…


I have started making these at home to compensate for not getting them from Baja Fresh!
They are so delicious…. so easy… and PACKED with veggies, protein, etc… Yummy!

Here is how I make them:

Salad Burritos

Start with 2-3 pieces of Chicken Breast depending on how many you’re cooking for and if you want leftovers. I always make 3 since that is how many usually come in a thing of Chicken Breast from the store – and we usually can eat one Salad Burrito each (They’re HUGE!) and still have enough leftovers to do this again for dinner another night.

Trim the fat off of your chicken and cut the meat into small strips like so…

Put your chicken in a large deep skillet.
Add the following:

– Black Pepper
– Coarse Sea Salt
– Lemon Juice
– Lime Juice
– Garlic Powder

You can use good judgement on how much of these ingredients to use. You’re just flavoring your chicken, so however salty or limey or peppery you like it is up to you!


Gather your ingredients for stuffing the burritos. There is some leniency here for the type of things you want in your burritos, BUT Salad Burritos in particular have A LOT of chopped green leaf lettuce in them – more so than most of the other ingredients. Hence, it’s like have a salad wrapped in a tortilla – delicious!

The Ingredients I choose:

– Green Leaf Lettuce
– 1 large diced tomatoes! (Gotta love that lycopene!)
– Shredded Chedder Jack or similar cheese
– Salsa
– 1 can of corn
– 1 can of Northern White Beans – (these beans have been found to contain the most protein per bean than any other type. )
– 1 package of Mission brand Jalepeno Cheddar Tortillas. (Any brand or flavor works, but the bigger the tortilla the better!)Β 

(Sometimes I also add Black Olives, but I could seriously put Black Olives in everything.)

Feel free to substitute any other types of beans or lettuce you prefer. You can also add other veggies like onions or bell peppers, but keep in mind you don’t want to make the burrito too heavy or it ceases to be a Salad Burrito and becomes more like a Chipotle Fajita Burrito.

Also, if you’re going vegetarian or vegan, these are just as delicious without Chicken or even cheese…. have fun with it. πŸ™‚


Simply add all your ingredients into the tortilla with the Chicken and Salsa.

Then pick up your burrito and enjoy! πŸ˜€


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  1. This just totally made my mouth water! I want to try one of these at a baja fresh first and then make one!! I love how you take pictures along the way! oh and just so you know, me and your dad are completely sold and addicted to the HyVee Store now!!! Thanks!

  2. (Sometimes I also add Black Olives, but I could seriously put Black Olives in everything.)

    OMG we are the same person

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