Fake Tiramisu (but easy and delicious!)

So I set out the other day to make something I have always wanted to make, but had never tried. Until now that is….


Well, the store was out of Mascarpone Cheese and Rum was way too expensive for my budget at the moment, so I improvised. (As all good chefs do…)
I made my own easy version of Tiramisu that turned out surprisingly tasting exactly like regular Tiramisu!

Tasha’s “Fake” Tiramisu:

First you have to brew a shot of espresso. If you don’t have an espresso machine, extra strength coffee will work. (3x the amount of grounds you would normally use with your water.)

Then I laid out my ingredients. For the sake of money and time and effort (I feel very phlegmatic saying all that!) I bought pre-made Lady Finger cookies. The bakery in our grocery store sold this pack of 24 cookies for $1.99. 🙂

Then I made the whipped cream.
Buy some Heavy Whipping Cream. It is better to get one that is not “ultra-pasteurized” but that is harder to find. You need around 500ml of this stuff.
Using a mixer, beat it on a low setting while gradually adding tablespoons of sugar until it starts to thicken into whipped cream. I think I ended up using between 6-8 tbsp’s of sugar.
I also added 2 tbsp’s of RUM Extract to give it that special Tiramisu taste for a lot cheaper. 🙂

Then you pour the cooled espresso in a shallow dish or saucer and lay the Lady Fingers on top until they soak up a lot of the espresso. 1/2 the cookie should get soaked with espresso.

Then you get a Medium sized bowl and layer all your ingredients inside. Cookies on bottom, whipped cream, cookies again (with some circling around the edge of the bowl to be aesthetically pleasing), whipped cream again.

(Hint! You are supposed to top it all with sweetened cocoa powder…. However, if your store doesn’t sell this like my store, then mix 1/2 unsweet baking cocoa with a packet of hot chocolate! Delicious!)

It turned out really yummy and hardly took any time at all!

Passione Cucina! 


5 comments on “Fake Tiramisu (but easy and delicious!)

  1. micah says:

    Tiramisu is my favorite dessert but it’s so hard and expensive to make. I’m trying your recipe this weekend! It looks delicious.

  2. Well that sure looks yummy!!! I dont think I have ever seen fresh lady fingers!! but boy does that make me want an expresso machine!!! good job on improvising , your such a good chef! Im so proud that you are a great cook and love to for your family!!! Well now I walk away from this post craving sweets and knowing I cant give in if I want to lose weight!!! lol

  3. Kimmie says:

    That looks amazing! I want some! 🙂

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