It is Life

It is a breathing, moving organism.
It transforms and shifts in shape until it appears altogether different.
It is both entirely exhausting and wonderfully exhilarating.
It is all around you and inside you and out of your reach.

You can’t control it.
You can’t outrun it.
You can’t slow it down.
You can’t predict where it will take you next.

We can take it for granted.
We can become angry when it doesn’t go the way we had hoped.
We can grow numb to it’s beauty.
We can forget the Giver.

It starts from birth, but doesn’t end in death.
It is the day in and day out.
It is the expectancy for the future.
It is all that you are and yet not all about you.

* * *

I like to sit in the sunshine in the middle of July and drink it the warmth. I make sure and get hydrated first, but then I take advantage of the beautiful summer day. Sure it’s hot as hell, but a few months ago we were all complaining that we were freezing to death. And who wants to be air conditioned ALL THE TIME?? I certainly don’t.

I like the warmth. I always have.

I also like driving with the windows of my car down and feeling the wind run through my fingertips and swirl through my hair.
I like my coffee with sweetener and cream.

I like to swim laps and feel my heart beating wildly in my chest.
I like an ice cold glass of sweet tea.
I like stories about love and passion and wizards and vampires and just about anything else.
I like the crisp red and yellow leaves of Fall and wearing scarfs.

I like singing to music at the top of my lungs.
I like holding hands with my Hubs.
I like dancing around my living room and daydreaming about nothing in particular.
I like baking cakes.
I like sliced tomatoes with salt.
I like getting a little messy when I am painting.
I like the feeling of being barefoot.
I like Tiger Lilies and Daisies and Lilac.
I like sunsets.

I like spontaneous road trips.
I like the butterfly feelings in my stomach when I feel very loved by someone.
I like buying baby clothes for babies I haven’t been blessed with yet.
I like inside jokes and laughing with friends.  (I’ve never been keen on pursuing friendships slowly just because someone said that is what you’re supposed to do. Friendship etiquette?)
I like loving people with ALL that I have.

Time is short. It isn’t meant to be constantly air-conditioned and lived in front of a computer screen or T.V.
Life is about smells and taste and touch and sounds and music and art and passion and beauty.

It can get so busy sometimes and we might feel numb moving from day to day. I feel like I used to feel alive more than I do today, but only because my life right now is so much busier than it’s ever been before. Now spontaneous road trips can’t be penciled in and watching sunsets has been replaced by getting the dished done before bed. I still feel happy and content, but I don’t want to get caught in the trap of forgetting to stop and breathe and take in the beauty around me.

Pics of other things I’ve taken the time to enjoy (and then snapped a pic!):

What about you?  Are you really living life?
Or are you just existing in your current state going through the motions of what life has become for you?

What do you love most about life? What little things make you feel truly alive? 


One comment on “It is Life

  1. irene Ladd says:

    That was really good…your writing is wonderful. Sometimes I get caught up in the nothingness my life has become..and ..then I begin to realize that isn’t true at all. My life still has life in it…because of the one that gave me life.. I have just entered into a new phase that is new and different. I haven’t fully discovered yet where my life is going’ but still somewhat excitEd to see where we go from here. I really enjoy watching a sunset from a place with a good view..especially on the beach…I love feeling the sand between my toes and the waves rolling up onto the beach and hitting my ankles…..I love to watch little kids shopping with a patient mother who is taking the time to teach them how to shop and not just yelling “don’t touch that”…I love the first cup of coffee in the morning… I LOVE Roses and Gardenias blooming….I also love Tiger lilies in Pink and and Hydrangeas…..I love being a Mom…and most especially a Grandma….I love to get love and to give love…I love to feel content

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