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Baby pictures and old VHS tapes are hoarded and fought over by various members of my family, so they can be a little hard to get your hands on.

However, I have been deemed “trustworthy” in the past year or so by my Mom and my Granny and was given several pictures to take back to Kansas City with me for the purposes of scanning them into digital copies. I am really grateful for this because I love looking back on childhood pics of myself, my brothers, my cousins and my husband Chad. Part of me likes to imagine what mine and Chad’s baby will look like. Will he or she get my eyes or his? My curls or his fuzzy hair? His height and build or my family’s notorious ghetto booties?

A blog that I follow recently asked her readers to share one of their favorite childhood pictures of themselves and why…

Here is mine:

I’ve always loved this picture of me and my brother Shaun.
I love my strawberry blonde hair.
I love my homemade dress and the homemade bow sitting high on top of my head.

I love that my brother is next to me and that most likely this was taken at a sort of Olan Mills location. Gotta love the 80’s and Olan Mills. haha

And I especially love the expression on my face! It is a face that only babies can pull off.
Wide-eyed wonder with smooth baby skin and a toothless laugh that comes out often because the world is a new and amusing place.
I want to see this look in my own future daughters face.
I want to show her the world and sit her next to her brother or sister and capture these moments that seem to come and go so quickly. I mean, who remembers their lives at 3-6 months of age? No one. But here it is – captured forever with film.

Chad always jokes that our children’s lives will be so entirely documented like no other generation before them. You can already see this happening with digital cameras and Facebook albums labeled for every month of a baby’s lifespan with 200 pictures in each! Even the video footage will be monumental in comparison to what was available to my parents and Chad’s parents in the early 80’s.

For me… I don’t have 2400 pictures from my first year of life – but I have a few…. and this one I especially love. 🙂

What is one of your favorite childhood pictures or memories?  How are things different now than they were when you were a baby/kid?


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  1. aw I agree I wish it had been more so documented back when you were little. And believe it or not you were such a small baby, this was you at one year old and shaun was 3!! I remember because the dress was made for your one year bday. And I took you guys to JC Pennys in the Buena Park Mall with a coupon they sent me for your bday! I love this picture too, its always been one of my favs!

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